Monday, June 30, 2014

Ipsy June Bag 1

As you know its this time of month to review my Ipsy bags. If you wanted to sign up, you can do so here. Every month they have a theme and since we are in summer the theme for this month was Pretty in Paradise. One of the best things this month was the actual bad. They partnered with Rebecca Minkoff. I was really excited to see what was in my bag this month. The bag is black with a red zipper and it has pineapple designs on it. Its in a satin material which makes it pop and with red liner its a really nice bag to have in your purse when you go out. 

In no particular order, I am just going to go down the list of what I received. First item that opened was the Be A Bombshell Lash Out mascara. I am always happy to get a mascara. I opened it immediately and saw that the wand didn't seem to be something so out there so I was a little skeptical with the "Lash Out" in the name. I did use it and yes, it does work well but have to say that I am a little disappointed especially since other items that I've tried from this brand, I've loved. This one wasn't something I was expecting from this brand. This retails for $15 and you can get it on the +Be A Bombshell Cosmetics  website. 

The next item I got was DERMAdoctor DD Cream Dermatologically Defining BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and this is something I always love receiving. Its a BB cream and this DERMAdoctor brand is amazing. It's really good to have a makeup brand that is also good for your skin and this is just one of those brands that combines both makeup and skincare perfectly. This BB cream has 30 SPF and I've worn this already. I think its a bit oily for me but if I use a mattifying primer, this is perfect. This was a deluxe sample but a regular size retails for $38 so I was happy that I was able to get a sample. Not sure if I would buy this on my own since it was a bit oily for me but I do enjoy that I was able to try it out.

Third product that was in the bag was a hair product. Sometimes I am not too into having hair products but this one was something I was excited to try since its summer. Its Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach spray. This is a spray that you put in your hair so that you can get those nice beachy waves especially for the summer. Its easy to just wash your hair, put the spray in your hair and let it air dry. If you are pressed for time, you can definitely opt for a diffuser which is that big attachment that no one knows what to do with. This retails for around $9 and it's a drugstore brand which I love. I am not a fan of the smell but its doable for the price. It's like the beach but I feel it could be a little bit more of a coconut sweet smell.

The fourth product I received was an eyeliner. It is the Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner. I received it in the green color. I am not for one with liquid eyeliner meaning at all. I don't like the way it applies, I am impatient with the drying but I do have to say that I love the color of this one. I would have loved for this to be more of a pencil liner than a liquid none the less, this had more of a felt tip and it was long lasting. This liner retails for $4.99 and its a great deal for a liner that lasts this long. I swatched it on my hand and realized that I really needed to scrub for it to come off.

The last product that I received was the NYX Butter Gloss and this lipgloss is great. Surprisingly, I've never tried this gloss because I don't think I've ever seen a color that I found appealing but when I get it in a bag then I am more than willing to try it out. I was really happy to have gotten the pinkish color. Its a pale pink which goes on very nude color but has a hint of color to it. Its a great color to add on top of a pink or nude color to add a glossy top. It claims to not be sticky but I have to say it is a bit thick and my hair gets stuck on my lips because of the lipgloss so thats a bit of a turn off. I do like that I got to try this but I am happy that I didn't spend money on this. It retails for $6 and you can get them in most drugstores and Target/Walmarts.

All in all this was a great bag. I was happy for the actual bag that the makeup came in so its always good to have that since I use them on a daily basis to put my cosmetics in my purse. I still recommend Ipsy bags and think if you haven't tried it yet, you should still try at least one month. Its only $10 and you can cancel at any time.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Eventually I will go hard on reviewing makeup but since its Summer, I realize that I don't wear as much makeup as I did before. I like to make sure my face looks great and sometimes it has its ups and downs. I always need to make sure that I use a good cleanser to take off the makeup that I do put on and also make sure that my skin is cleaned from all the sut of New York City. I like to try different things so even if I find one that I like, I would probably change it up and try something different and then maybe go back to it after. I am a part of different groups on Facebook so that I can see what other people are doing and what they are trying out and one of the posts put me in contact with +Mario Badescu Skin Care Inc. and I was really happy that their website offers you free samples after filling out a skin profile. 

One of the products that they did sent me was the cleanser which was the Enzyme Cleansing gel. This is a non-foaming, gel cleanser thoroughly removed the day's makeup, dirt and oil without drying the skin. This cleanser has Papaya and grapefruit extracts which even though it doesn't have scrubby components it has those extracts that are exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids that help prevent dulling build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples. I tried it and immediately thought it wasn't really cleansing since it doesn't really lather. In a cleanser, I like to have something that foams up and maybe have something like scrubs in it since I feel that really cleans my skin that way. There are something that feels clean when a cleanser foams and scrubs your skin. After using this product for about 2 months now, I have to say it works. I use it with my +Clarisonic so the scrubbing is done with that and I do have to say that it works. It clears my skin and removed my makeup when I don't use a face wipe to remove it. 

This cleanser retails for about $20 and its a huge bottle that you get. I got the travel size and it was about $6 and I've been using it for about 2 months already so I don't think its an expensive cleanser. I know you can buy this in +ULTA Beauty and +Urban Outfitters.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Nail care!! I've been trying to let my nails breathe for a while. I took the nail polish off
and also cut them down to really short lengths. I was finding that my nails were breaking and they were just a mess so instead of trying to fix them, I decided to just revamp them and cut them down to nothing and let them grow "from scratch". I noticed that I had really yellow nails. I know its probably because I color my nails all the time but honestly. I've been whitening my nails for a while now and haven't painted them in 2 whole weeks and they are still yellow. I am thinking that I still need some time to get them grow a bit more and let them breath a little more without nail polish but I figured I'd give it a try. I will update you a little more later on the update on my "no nail polish month". 

In trying to get my nails whiter, I was in +Urban Outfitters and I went straight to the beauty products section and I saw that they had the different sheet masks and one of the sheet masks I saw was for your nails. It is call The Face Shop Face it Nail Pack I automatically wanted it. It basically is a nail brightener for your nails. It has the whitening agents like lemon and baking soda and I was in love. I went home and wanted to try it since I'd been letting my nails breath for a while I figured I can go ahead and try it. I took a shower made sure my nails were clean and I went and applied the sheet masks glove thingies to my nails. Its just like a nail cover not a full on glove. It only covers your fingers and left it on for 30 minutes. I don't know if I saw permanent results after using this. I feel like, yes it did make my nails whiter when I was using it but in the morning they still had that yellow hue. I am starting to think that my nails naturally have a yellow hue. I am not sure if it is possible to get my nails white so if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear it from you. 

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Skinfood Rice Mask

As you know I live in the Beauty Section of Urban Outfitters now that its so close to the
office. I recently got a huge haul of sheet masks and just different little things. When I made my purchase the nice cashier gave me about 10 samples of this Skinfood Rice Mask. I feel in love with this brand a while back when I tried their snail sheet masks. The product description for this is that its a wash-off mask that transforms skin into a pure and soft texture. This contains rice bran water so I think this is what makes it work. The directions are to use after cleansing and gently massage with ample amount over dry face avoiding eyes and mouth area. It tells you to concentrate around nose area and repeat so that the little grains are scrubbing into your skin. It tells you to rinse with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes of scrubbing. The consistency of this product is really nice. It is somewhat light, watery but not runny. It stays on the skin really well and doesn't drip off if you keep it on which I love. It also feel cooling when you apply it on your skin. Not sure if it has something like menthol. It contains tiny particles which scrubs your skin and exfoliates. I have very oily skin as you know but I think this product is really good for people with dry skin as well. It leaves my skin really moisturizing and the scrub isn't so much but just enough to remove the dead skin cells. 

This mask is all good. I love it and would definitely recommend it. It does however, have a smell to it. It kind of smells like rice. I don't mind the smell but I've always seen different reviews and know that a lot of people hate things that smell. But all in all I love this mask and I've been using it ever since I got the samples for about once a week. My skin is always left soft and fresh and its a nice clean feeling. This mask retails for $18 and depending on how much you use it, it can last you at least 2 months. Its not that bad giving that this leaves your skin feeling amazing. You can buy this mask at +Urban Outfitters online or in-store. You can also get it Amazon or The Face Shop. 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel

Hello hello! I've been on vacation for the last week and decided to take time off from
blogging. So I am back and better than ever. I've been able to collect more beauty products so I already have a lot of different topics to talk about. After a vacation, I like to get my skin back in check and make sure that everything look back to normal. I have a little bit more color so I have to make sure I'm using different skincare products that are not as harsh to my skin. One of the things that I've noticed is my blackheads. I've been wanting to see what Korean brands have to treat these. There was a new Urban Outfitters that opened up in Herald Square here in NYC. I resisted the urge to go the first 2 weeks of opening but definitely went there the third. I walked in and its a huge space and they have a whole separate beauty section in the back. Its got everything known to man. A great selection of International Beauty products. I fell in love with Tony Moly products a while back so I was excited to try this product. 

I decided to pick up the Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. This products is a wash off type of gel mask that will melt away the blackheads. Just as the name states, this product helps out in removing blackheads. Once you put this gel on your face it turns white because the micro beads and the gel mixes together and it emulsifies on your skin. It says that you should massage into your skin for 2-5 minutes. After using this for a couple of days now, you notice how the appearance of your blackheads actually disappear. Its a great product and I definitely recommend this product to everyone. It retails for $16 and its definitely worth it. You can buy in +Urban Outfitters in-store or online. 

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vacation 6/19-26

Hey Guys!! Thanks for always following my blog! I am on vacation from 6/19-26th! I will be posting after that date!!!

If you have any requests please comment below!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boots No7 Perfectly Bronzed Quick Dry 360 Airbrush - Medium to Dark

Now that it is summer I like to stay tanned but its hard to do that because I live in NYC

and growing up in Puerto Rico, its hard to be okay with going to the beaches here. They are disgusting in my opinion. I went back home for my niece's first birthday and I was able to get a nice tan even though I only went to the beach for 2 days. I just got back from vacation and I wanted to maintain my tan. I wanted to try a new sunless tanner that I saw from Boots No7 which is a brand from Europe that started to come to the US via Duane Reade. I was really happy to see that they added this brand in the location near my house. I always try a lot of different products and usually I've used ones that are in lotion form just because I think its easier to spread around and avoid mishaps. I saw that this one though was a spray and I saw that it was a spray that is continuous so I figured it might be easier to reach those areas like by back and behind my legs and stuff. 

I know a lot of people have tried different sunless tanners and always have bad experiences but there is a method to do it right and a method to do it incorrect. First of all the first thing you need to do is take a shower and exfoliate your skin. You can either dry brush your skin which is just as it sounds where you get a shower brush and you use it dry and you brush your skin which is also dry and that will help exfoliate your skin. Take a shower and make sure that your skin is nice and clean. I'd shave as well. Once you get out of the shower, you can dry your skin and make sure to have your skin really dry then you can start the application. I usually just apply it with my bare hands and then just wash them after but now a days they have sunless tanning gloves. In my case, I take the spray and spray it all over my body in sections. I first do my arms and chest and I spray and rub it in. I notice that this product absorbs quickly and is clear. It says that the product is odorless but it does smell like sunless tanner. I love how quickly this tanner goes on and how easy it is to use. I just spray and rub in. You really don't need to rub in, it will just dry on your skin. The product says to let dry for 10 minutes before putting on clothes so thats what I do.

I do notice that its easier and less messy once you let it dry for the 10 minutes, you pat your body with baby powder. This allows your skin to dry sooner and also doesn't allow anything to accumulate in your creases like between your inner elbow or your neck or the back on your knees. It keeps it smoother and I noticed that this tanner tends to be a bit sticky so this step helps with that. In the morning, I usually just take a bath to get rid of the tanner smell and go on with my day. This tanner is definitely a keeper, the color is great. Its dark but not crazy dark and doesn't look orange at all. It retails for $12.99 and like I said you can get it at Duane Reade or online at 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Before I went on vacation I read about this mask on some of the blogs that I read on a regular basis. It was one of those free samples when you bought something in +Sephora and I thought it would be good to try since the reviews I read were amazing. Okay so just to hear about the brand-- Peter Thomas Roth is a great higher end skincare line that you can find in +Sephora and I believe +ULTA Beauty. Lately, I've really been into peels. I really liked the Dr Dennis Gross and I even got my mom addicted to that one. Its really good because its one that doesn't really sting your skin and you don't really feel it burning or anything when you use it but you do feel a difference and you can see a difference. 

When I first say this mask, I wasn't really super excited to try this because I didn't think this was something that was going to work too well. I read the packaging and it says that this is a peel that is in a gel form that visibly rolls, lifts, sweeps away dead skin cells when massaged into skin. I had a feeling that this was going to be a little too strong for my skin because I am only 29 and I don't have those crazy wrinkles as of yet. When looking into the ingredients, this peel has multiaction enzymes which are natural like pomegranate, pineapple and keratinase. There is also cellulose in it that effectively peels and helps uncover the first layer of skin which will make you skin smooth, fresh and have a new complexion without drying, irritate or cause undue stress to your skin. After all this peeling all you are left with is youthful and radiant looking skin. 

I decided to give it a try at first the liquid is like it said a gel but more of a watery gel and you smooth it over your skin. The instructions say to leave it on from 1-5 minutes so I left it on for 5 minutes and then you begin to rub it into your face with circular motions and immediately you see that something is rubbing off. It doesn't look like skin or anything. It looks like the actual gel is just balling up and nothing really crazy. It doesn't sting or anything. Once I rubbed my face for about a minute, I washed it off. I was ready to be disappointed because honestly nothing really happened. Then I dried my skin and felt it smoother than it was before. My nose didn't feel like it had blackheads in it. My cheeks were smoother. I was pleasantly surprised on how gentle this was. Gentle to me usually means ineffective so when I actually felt results, I was surprised. 

This retails for $48 and you can find it in +Sephora or +ULTA Beauty in-stores and online. I definitely think its a great peel for all ages. Its gentle so I think its great for those who have sensitive skin since it was really gentle on my skin. 

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Monday, June 16, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

One of my beauty weaknesses is mascara. I will always want a new mascara. Doesn't matter how good the one I have is or how many new ones I have, I am always in need of a new one. Believe it or not but you usually have one for every occasion too. There is always that one that makes your lashes look SUPER OUT THERE and those are for special occasions and then you go into the ones that have specific needs like volume, length, curl, black, brown, colored. There are just so many different types of mascaras you can have so I always like to try new ones. One drugstore brand that I can say usually has really good mascaras is Loreal. One of my most favorite ones is the Loreal Voluminous mascara. This is an oldie but goodie. It just does everything you need for a mascara to do. It gives you volume, length and everything. The brush is great on it, before all the plastic brushes started being popular, that mascara did quite well with just its regular bristle brush one.

Loreal just released a Voluminous Miss Manga mascara. I did not pick this up right away. I have to say I didn't really think to get this because of the brush. The brush that it had was triangle brush that looked like the one from the MakeUp Forever Smoky Extravagant mascara that I honestly didn't like. The only real visual difference between the two is that the brush bends and the base of the brush. Not sure what that's all about so this is why I hesitated in purchasing. But as always I read a lot of reviews and watched a couple of YouTube videos and time after time everyone fell in love with it. I was hooked and went right away to buy it.

I tried it in the Blackest Black color they have and O-M-G it's amazing! It separates your
lashes and makes them long. Not sure if they curl my lashes but since I have long lashes, I'm not too crazy about mascaras actually doing that because I feel like it would get mascara all over my brow line. I do like volume so that it makes my lashes look thicker and it does do this not as well as other ones I tried but between the way it separates your lashes the product is a really good one. I am definitely hooked with this mascara. I still don't understand what the bendable wand does. I don't feel like it really adds or takes away from the application but it's ok. When you first put it on, you don't feel like you are getting product onto your lashes but once you have a couple of swipes your lashes look amazing.

This is a drugstore mascara so it retails for about $8.99 which is nothing compared to other ones out there. You can find this is most drugstores and Walmarts and Targets. I definitely recommend you going out to buy this!! You won't regret it.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

TOO FACED Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

As you know, I am totally in love with bold lips this season. The matted lip is probably my favorite. I was a bit skeptical when I saw that +Too Faced Cosmetics came out with a Long Wear Lipstick that came in a container that looked like a gloss. I definitely didn't want a lippy that was glossy and sticky and bold. That would turn out to be a hot mess. I waiting for a while to buy this product which is why my review is a bit late. 

I saw some reviews of this product from my Twitter Biffie +Nicole YoungWildandPolished and when she swatched them I saw that they weren't as glossy as I thought. You can't squeeze the whole thing on your lips but it does give you good coverage if you just pat it on your lips. I have a lot of pink lipsticks so I knew I didn't want to get that color. I wanted to see if I was daring enough for the orange coral color that they have but it looks like it just won't fit my skin color no matter if I'm tanned or not. I decided to go for the Melted Violet color which as its name is a purple color. Now this is not purple like +MAC Cosmetics Heroine but its brighter more of a Summer purple color. 

The minute I swatched it on my hand, I fell in love. I knew this would be one of my new favorite colors. I immediately bought it and since I was going on vacation I decided to make this my signature color for the trip. Yes everyone here definitely made a point to tell me how bright my lips were but hey isn't that what a bold lip is all about? I think I pulled the color off especially since I was tanned. More about the lipstick-- it is in a lipgloss casing. You will notice that even the applicator is more of a lipgloss case and when you squeeze it out, you think its going have a glossy finish but I learned that if you don't go overboard and just squeeze enough to coat your lips, it stays more matte than glossy. This color definitely lasts for a while but not something I personally would call 'long wearing' but all in all its easy to apply and it doesn't dry your lips like a lot of other lipsticks out there that are either long wearing or matte. 

I recently raved about the +Revlon ColorBalms in the Matte finish and at first they are great but if you use them on a daily basis you will notice that they are a bit drying. You definitely have to make sure to exfoliate your lips and then apply the matte coloring and then you should be good. But back to the +Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Lippies they retail for $21 and you can buy them in +Sephora and +ULTA Beauty  or anywhere you can find +Too Faced Cosmetics. They come in 6 colors ranging from Nudes to Purple and not all are bold colors, you can definitely find one that isn't all out there bold lip. 

Have you tried these yet? Do you have a favorite?

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

I think its my calling to be an all knowing beauty expert. Whenever I go into the drugstore or Sephora or even department stores, I always look around and think.. hmm what can I blog about next. I always want to try the next best thing. One of the things that I feel I am always on the search for is mascara, concealer and foundation. I feel you can never stick to just one. Everytime I go to +Sephora I always ask them about concealers. I feel like this is one thing that I haven't really found that I can totally live without. I have oily skin but under my eyes is very dry and tends to crease in an instant. I've tried everything under the sun and I just want something that works. Recently I've been hooked on Armani's Maestro Eraser Concealer and I really felt that it was hydrating and I really do love it. I feel that the sheen in it brightens the area and I really like the feel of it on my skin. I went to +Sephora in Herald Square last week and asked about the Tarte Maracuja creaseless concealer and the lady that helped me was completely in love with it. She was saying how she also had oily skin and that her skin was the same as mine and she said that the Maestro one didn't cover as much and that the Tarte one was way better since it was full coverage. 

This concealer is said to be full coverage and it won't crease, flake or have you needing to reapply. It has +tarte's signature maracuja oil in it which helped improve your skin's texture, tone and moisture while having a brightening dewy luminous finish. Since it has the maracuja oil, you will see that it also has all the benefits that you will find in the regular maracuja oil and the actual concealer will help mask any discoloration, imperfections such as acne, blemishes, redness, scars, hyperpigmentation and even dark circles. Its very easy to apply. Even though its full coverage, you will notice that its really easy to blend and it dries to a flawless finish. 

I asked for a sample and took it home to try it. The next morning I put on my foundation and then the concealer. I used a concealer brush since that's what she recommended. I liked how it went on at first and yes I did feel that it did cover better than the Maestro one. The true test for me is throughout the day. I was thinking that this stuff will probably crease within seconds. I went throughout the entire day and nothing. I didn't feel it crease at all. We are in summer so if anything it was going to crease instantly during the summer months but it stayed put. At the end of the day, I didn't feel that my concealer had disappeared or anything or that I needed more coverage throughout the day.

This concealer retails for $24 which is way cheaper than the Maestro Eraser concealer. This concealer also comes in 7 different shades ranging from fair to dark. The shade I chose for myself is medium but there are a range of different shades that you can choose from. All in all, I definitely recommend this product along with this brand. I don't think there has been a product from this brand that I haven't fell in love with. Its definitely something you should pick up. 

Have you tried this concealer? What do you think? Leave comments below and let me know your thoughts. 

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm

LIPSTICK REVIEW!!! These are probably my most favorite reviews other than skincare. Its because I am just in love with lipstick. I am fearless because at the end of the day, its just lipstick. there is no need to think "is this color too much?" why not wear the bold lip-- who cares! It does help the fact that I live in New York City and I always feel like here you can do no wrong with anything whether its clothes or makeup. You can't look crazy here in New York. I guess I am more daring here than I am in Puerto Rico just because here in NY its a different style but rest assured whenever I go to Puerto Rico, I wear my bold lipsticks and OWN IT! A lot of my friends especially +Madeline Mulero think its great that I have the guts to pull off MAC Heroine or LimeCrime Pink Velvet. I have to say, I just wear them, thats it. I don't really think about it. Now you can't really go all crazy and have a smokey eye and a bold lip if you are just going to work. I balance it out with just mascara and maybe a liner and thats it. My eyes are usually downplayed so that my lips can pop. 

I went to the drugstore and I wanted to see what Lipsticks I can for a recent trip I took to Puerto Rico and when I look for lipsticks, I want something on the matted finish and if it has any shine I would go for the satin finish but other than that, I am not a fan of gloss. I think they look kind of messy on your lips. When I think good drugstore lipsticks, I go straight to Loreal or +Revlon. I've been eyeing the Revlon Color Burst Matte balm lip crayons and I decided to take the plunge. I went for the color UnApologetic. This color is a great vibrant coral, raspberry pink color. It is gorgeous! It goes on smooth and immediately you feel that it has like a chapstick minty feeling which is nice. Nothing tingly like if it were to plump your lips but a regular chapstick feeling. The color is vibrant which I like. I am excited to wear it when I am in Puerto Rico and have a tan. This color is probably a little bit of a dupe for +NARS Satin Crayon in Lohdi but the Revlon is more vibrant and not as muted. 

This retails from around $7-9 depending on where you get it. I recommend maybe waiting until you can get it on sale but either way I think these lipsticks are worth it. I will definitely go back and get more. You can get these in most drugstores and other stores like Walmart or Target.

Have you tried this lipstick? Comment below and let me know which ones you love?

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

One thing I've been doing lately has been taking care of my eyebrows. If you've noticed lately in magazines and blogs thick eyebrows are all the rave and are very trendy lately. Naturally I have thick eyebrows so I never really thought I needed to fill them in or ever do anything with them. After seeing all these YouTube videos, I started to look into doing more for my eyebrows. I first started using products that I had already then I figured I'd move into something easier. In the beginning I only had a powder and wax and it was just a task to do my eyebrows and more and more as +Anastasia Beverly Hills brand became more popular, they came out with a pencil. I already spoke about the brow pencil by Trish McEvoy that I had gotten a while back and I was completely in love with that brand. The Anastasia BH Brow Wiz is almost exactly the same. I personally like the Brow Wiz better for a couple of reasons.

One reason why I think the Brow Wiz is better because the spoolie on the one end is better. The bristles grab onto your eyebrows better. The Trish McEvoy's bristles weren't as stiff so it didnt really brush through your eyebrows as well. It's important to brush your eyebrows before you do fill them in so that you know what you are filling in and make sure that the finished product is perfect.

I completely recommend the +Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz liner for anyone and everyone. There are a 9 different colors and so there will definitely be a color for you. I usually would go for Medium Ash which is now called Medium Brown but since I colored my hair red, I decided to go for the Auburn and its a perfect match. My eyebrows are perfect and they are really easy to do. I just fill in and then finish off with a clear brow gel. Nothing too crazy just great groomed eyebrow that finishes off your whole look. This retails for $21 and you can find them in +Sephora or +ULTA Beauty.

Do you use anything for your eyebrows? What do you use? Leave me comments below, I would love to know your routine!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Loreal Excellence Creme Red Richesse in Dark Mahogany Red

Every so often I decide to write about hair care. The reason why I don't write about it so much is because my hair is just there. I have really long hair and I have it cut in layers. I've had my hair this way for years. I basically don't really do much to my hair because I think it looks good the way it is and I don't want to mess with it. For when I feel like I need to change things up I usually go for a new color. Lately, I've been dying my hair with Henna Dye from Lush in Caca Rouge which is the red color that they have. I've been loving it. But if you read my post you would know that the application is very time consuming. In the winter, this is great since you usually stay inside but now that its summer I started realizing that my hair started to look really dry on the ends. I had recently gotten my haircut so I knew it wasn't that but didn't matter what I did, my hair was just gross looking. I decided that I needed to dye my hair again and I went to the +LUSH Cosmetics in Herald Square is now permanently closed. I was appalled and honestly didn't have time to go to the one in Union Square but my hair needed to get colored so I went to the good ole drugstore! 

I look around and first started to look at what was on sale and I settled on the Loreal Excellence Creme Rich Richesse in Dark Mahogany Red. This color is a true brown red color. I've used this brand before and I knew that I would like this. It usually conditions my hair really well too. I only bought 2 boxes even though my hair is really long but I've learned how to be able to cover my whole head with just 2 boxes. When dying your hair at home you want to remember a couple of things. You want to make sure that you use either chap stick or vaseline on the border of your hairline because you want to make sure that the color does not stain your skin. Also I first recommend to cover your roots and then work your way down to the roots. Its also good to make sure that you have a comb so that you can comb the color down to your ends. Once you've colored your hair wrap your hair in a bun and you can either leave open or cover it with a shower cap or something. You wait the appropriate amount of time and then you wash it out. 

When washing it out, just make sure to rinse your hair until the water is clear. This will take a long time because there is a lot of product in there and my hair is really long. Once I got the product all out, I went on and blow dried it. The end color was gorgeous. It is like a cranberry brownish red. It's definitely red, you will notice in the run right away that your hair is red but not Little Mermaid type red. It's gorgeous. This hair color retails for about $8.99 but I got it on sale for $5.99 and personally I love this brand. I'd definitely repurchase.

Do you dye your hair at home? Let me know what products you use. Leave comments below!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tips for Tea Tree Oil

Once and a while I love to give home remedy type beauty tips. There are so many natural remedies out there that its hard to not use them. I've noticed that a lot of these types of remedies are usually 'old wives tales' but actually they work. My dad told me about how to use Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth and I also use it to whiten my nails. I wrote about it in one of my past posts. I also believe that your skin reacts to the food you eat so if you have acne prone skin, I recommend taking a deeper look at what type of foods you eat and anything bad for you also probably isn't good for your skin. I recommend swapping things out and also make sure you are keeping up on your water intake. If you do this and still have bad acne, go to the doctor. 

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I used to go to the beach every weekend for like 5 months straight. Sometimes during the first few months going back to the beach after the long break of 'winter months' I would get sunburned if I went overboard and didn't really protect my skin which I never did when I was younger. There were times that I had horrible sunburns but one time I had gotten the worse one was one time I laid out and I guess the sun was REALLY bad that day and I ended up with blisters on my arm. Forget about the pain, once you put aloe on it the pain went away. I was more worried about days after when it cleared that I was going to get scars. This would have sucked since it was on my arm in plain view any time I wear short sleeves. My dad told me to put Tea Trea Oil on it every night. At first, I really didn't think anything was happening but by the end of 2 weeks the scar that could have formed was gone. I then went all crazy. I put it on a scar that I had on my knee and it helped minimize the marks as well. I was in love with this magic oil. 

I started reading up on other possible uses for this magic oil and I saw that you can put a few drops of this into your shampoo and conditioner to clarify your hair of any build up. A lot of people don't think that their hair has build up maybe because they don't color their hair or that they don't use a lot of product in their hair but that isn't the only thing that causes build up. You can get build up with hard water. It is always good to wash your hair once a month or depending on how many times you wash your hair you can do it either once a week or twice a week or even once a month. As long as you are doing it frequently you should be good. 

Those are what I use Tea Tree Oil for but you can also use it for cuts, burns, skin infections and other things like that. Before you use it, just google some stuff and see if its okay to use. But all in all its like coconut oil, you can basically use it for everything. Let me know if you use this for anything specific?

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Monday, June 9, 2014


If you've been reading my blog you know I love to take care of my skin. I like to do face masks on a weekly maybe even twice or three times a week. I always like to try different masks so that I can keep my skin guessing. Since I was in high school when I use any type of skincare product for too long it stops working. In my search for trying to sample any and every facial mask out there, I discovered GlamGlow a while back. Back then when I started using this mask, the only mask they had was the YouthMud. I read a lot of reviews about this and a lot of people either loved it or hated it. People complained that it was too harsh and it burned their face off. I also read reviews that was the complete opposite which was that they loved it. It extracted the blackheads immediately and that they would never go a day without it. 

I was skeptical at first but I figured that I'd buy it from somewhere where I can return it just in case if my skin broke out or in the words of other people that my face burns off. I read more into what the product actually does and I saw that this mask would leave your skin noticeably radiant and glowing. It works with your own natural collagen which it uses to gently resurface your skin by exfoliating your skin. By resurfacing your dead skin cells this makes your skin look smoother, brighter and softer. This mud mask also makes your skin look tighter and while refining and tightening your pores it will make your skin appear more youthful while absorbing impurities.

When I first got this mask I was surprised how much I got considering it was not cheap. The "big" pot retails for $69 which is a hell of a lot of money for a mask. I figured, let me try it out and see what the fuss is all about. I put it on my face and yes its a mud mask so I was expecting the ease of clay mask. Nope, this has green tea leaves which makes it hard to apply and its a bit messy. Once you get it on, you feel it working right away. It does tingle and yes the first time I did have to fan my face because it was a bit much but nothing I couldn't completely handle. I left it on for about 30 minutes and once it was dried, I washed it off. I poured water on my face and scrubbed my face ask much as my skin allowed and then just washed the rest of it off. It was really exfoliating. I love this mask but not sure if I would repurchase just because of the expensive price tag. Luckily, +Sephora usually has it as a 100 point perk and I grab it there when its available.

Do you have any beauty products that you wish weren't so damn expensive? Comment below!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE dark circles away™ collagen eye serum

A couple of weeks back I went on a Dr. Brandt spending spree because I began with a few products, loved them and decided that I needed to try more. I originally fell in love with the Collagen Booster face serum and raved about it a couple of weeks back. I go on and off with using this since I have so many different other night creams that I need to use but every time I use this one it does wonders for my face. I wake up with a different face I feel. My face is radiant and its just amazing. I was so fond of this face serum that I decided to buy the dark circles under eye cream. This eye cream is said to brighten and diminish the look of tired, puffy and hollow eyes. It has Lumisphere microencapsulated pigments that instantly give you brighter and more luminous looking eyes. The serum is pigmented so it does give you minimal coverage and it will eventually fade your dark circles while breaking down fatty deposits that actually cause bags. Collagen in this eye cream also helps plump the skin which if you notice its very thin and feels different than the rest of your skin. This is why you need to take care of your eyes more because its very sensitive.

I used this cream for about a month straight without using anything else. I have couple of things I want to say. One thing is that when you look at the description of this product it is suppose to diminish tired looking eyes which makes you think this should be put on in the morning under makeup. That is a bold face lie! You cannot use this under makeup because it has sort of a sticky glue-ish consistency. I know its weird that I have to describe it like that but is kind if clumps up the same way glue would if you either rub it in your skin too much or don't rub it in enough to where it creates sort of like a layer under your eyes. It has a metal rollerball applicator which is awesome because it massages your under eyes and the coolness helps debuff your bags but the actual serum is crap. Since I can only use it at night time I realize that it doesn't work as good as other under eye creams that I have. I was really disappointed with this product because it wasn't cheap. This retails for $55 and I would never recommend this product at all. 

Do you have products that you are 100% sure that they are just crap? Comment below I always want to hear about products that are a must stay away from!! 

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE CC Glow Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Back to makeup/skincare reviews. Lately, I've been noticing that there are a lot of products that are more of a two in one type of product. They are great skincare benefits and also give you makeup qualities. CC creams are all the rave right now especially now for the summer. Its a light weight, nice coverage, SPF color correcting cream. I love being able to just wear CC creams because it usually means that my face is acting right and I don't need the extra coverage. I also like to use CC creams when I am tanned. Its because a lot of CC creams come in limited colors which means that a medium would probably blend in enough for when I am tan and not tan. I don't go sun crazy on my face when I get sun during the summer. I usually put SPF 20-45. This protects my skin so that I don't have to worry about wrinkles in the long run. Now that I live in NYC, I definitely do not go to the beach as much as I did when I live in Puerto Rico. Oh! I remember when I lived there I was at the beach every weekend at least once a weekend from January to August. Those were the days! Now, living in NYC I am able to have any type of access to anything I would dream of in terms of beauty products but the 'beaches' are crap. 

If you've read some of my past posts, you know that I love the Dr. Brandt brand. I've been hooked on the Glow day and night cream for about 3 months now. This stuff is amazing. It has made my skin look more radiant and the retinol has definitely been cleared up any blemishes that I had and also my wrinkles which aren't a lot but I do have laugh lines along with wrinkles around my eyes. This Glow line also has a CC cream that is available. It is like the Glow daytime lotion with a CC cream. So it comes in the color 'natural' which is a good color for me if I am not tanned but I do think it is too light for me the second I have some color. This is the only bad thing about this stuff, it only comes in one color. But if you are part of the lucky ones that are light to medium complexion, I would definitely recommend this for you. This cream illuminates and brightens your skin with the same ruby crystal complex that is in the Glow cream. This also hydrates your skin so that your skin is smoother which makes your wrinkles and lines diminish and also has SPF30 as an added layer of protection.  It also has a concentrated amount of Vitamin C which does wonders to making your skin more radiant. The tint in this conceals imperfections and it evens your skin tone more naturally because its not a heavy caked on coverage. 

You can find this CC cream online or in +Sephora. It retails for about $39 and I know for CC creams this is expensive considering there are a lot of drugstore brands that are as good in color correcting creams plus this isn't for everyone considering it is only available in one color. I do recommend if you don't have the Glow day cream considering this basically is the same cream but tinted. Hope this review helps you decide whether you need to buy this or if you've been eyeing it but couldn't splurge especially since its a pricey CC cream. 

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Borghese Stimulating Tonic

I started to fall in love with Borghese since my Twitter/BFF +Nicole YoungWildandPolished started talking about it in her Youtube channel. I've always seen this brand in TJMaxx and Marshalls but since I really didn't have too much information on it I wasn't going to buy it. I decided to finally buy some products and one of the products that I bought was their toner. OMG! This brand is luxury and a half. I do understand why this brand is so expensive. I don't think I would ever buy this stuff in a regular store for the regular price. I was able to buy this in Marshalls down in Puerto Rico one time I was there visiting. 

I don't ever expect a lot from toners because to me they are just a step in my skincare routine. I like how toners usually remove excess oils that were left on the skin. This toner is orange and you need to make sure you shake it before using it because if you let it settle you will see that white I guess it could be powder that accumulates at the bottom. This toner is like a two phase formula that not only tones but it calms and balances the skin after your cleansing phase. This toner is enriched with minerals that activates when applied to your skin and it brightens your skin and restores the tightness to your skin. This particular toner also has oil control mattifying properties. I believe that this is what the white powder that accumulates at the bottom is for. You will notice that after one application you skin will feel soft and refreshed. It has witch hazel in it so this helps refine your pores and it also restores clarity and radiance to your skin. 

This toner retails for $30 which is bizarre for a toner even for me. I would never spend that much money on a toner. This was available for a while in TJ Maxx and Marshalls. It retailed for $7.99 or $9.99 I believe. Which obviously is not cheap for a toner but since now you understand that this brand is a luxury brand and normally retails for $30 then the $10 is a steal. If you find it in TJ Maxx or Marshalls I definitely recommend you trying this out. If you cannot don't waste your money. 

Do you have any of those guilty pleasure beauty products that you've realized are a must have? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to try them!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sunscreens.. why this is needed ASAP

Summer time is starting to arrive here in NYC. We had great weather during Memorial Day Weekend and we are finally getting 80 degree weather. I wonder if it will drop drastically again! Womp Womp-- I hope not!! But now that we are in the summer months I figured it can't hurt to talk about sunscreen. I know a lot of you say "Well I use sunscreen when I go to the beach or when I lay out" that doesn't really help all that much. Imagine lets say you go out to the beach once a week even if you do it two times a week (Saturday and Sunday) in one month thats 8 times a week. Thats not that much time considering you probably go outside for longer periods of time when you are not at the beach or pool. This means when you go to work or when you are out running errands basically anytime you are not inside in a room without windows you are being exposed to sunlight. You need to make sure that you are protecting your skin all of those times as well. 

A lot of my friends come to me on a daily basis and ask me questions about makeup or my nails or why my skin looks so good or what they should do for their hair or if they have a specific beauty concern. If I am asked anything makeup or skincare related I immediately ask them their skincare routine. I need to know that they are taking care of their skin because doesn't matter what type of makeup they buy, if your skin looks like crap, sorry to say but the rest of your routine will look like crap. I have noticed with a lot of my friends and family that sunscreen isn't a priority at all. They don't even mention it in their routine among other things they don't mention like moisturizer or toner or night creams. But back to the sunscreen, a lot of people think they only need sunscreen when they lay out in the sun or that they don't like sunscreen because its too thick and it will make their already oily skin, more oily. OMG this gets me so frustrated!!! There are many different types of sunscreens that you can get. Yes you have your regular +Banana Boat  brand that is great for when you go out to the beach or pool because these are usually long wearing and waterproof which is a good thing. There are different brands mostly skincare brands that have face sunscreen and not the kind you use when you go to the beach but skincare ones. All you really need to do is read the labels, you will notice that a lot of the BB creams have SPF in them. Now a days a lot of foundation has SPF. I personally fell in love with a tinted moisturizer so basically it is a "two birds with one stone" type of product. I've mentioned it before here but its the Coola Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint this stuff even for oily skin is great. It gives me SPF 20 and it is also a tinted moisturizer which also leave your skin smooth if you wanted to use this as your primer. I have to say that I love this stuff. I still recommend this moisturizer and you still get the sunscreen you need for your daily routine. 

I guess what I am trying to get at here is that you need need need need need sunscreen and there are many different types of sunscreens out there. You can get oil free ones so that it doesn't make your skin oily. You can get tinted ones so that you don't have to add on an extra layer of product on your face. There are a bunch of different sunscreens out there.I recommend you go to +Sephora , drugstore or a department store and ask them to recommend a sunscreen for you to integrate to your daily routine. Just give them facts, whether you are someone who wears makeup and you basically want to put it under your makeup or if you just want to only wear that. Let them know if you have sensitive skin or if you break out easily, more information is always key.

Let me know what sunscreens you use? Do you have any that are a staple in your daily routine? Maybe you swear by one when you are laying out in the sun? Let me know I would love to try them!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift™ Review

After my post from yesterday I figured I'd give you more information on Trish McEvoy products. This is a luxury brand and everything about this makeup line feels like luxury. I know you've probably never heard of this brand before my post from yesterday. If you haven't read it, you can just scroll down and see that there I talk about their eyebrow pencils. I know this brand isn't one of the popular ones but I think its because its not a cheap brand. Like I said before for sure this is one of those luxury brands that are sold mostly in +Bloomingdale's  and +Nordstrom. Most of the products in this makeup line isn't something that can't be found in another brand like the eyebrow pencil that I reviewed yesterday which you can find in +Sephora under the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand which was only about $7 cheaper so its not that much of a difference. One of the other products that they showed us that night we went on that makeup event was an Instant Eye Lift. This is like an eyeshadow primer. It only comes in 2 colors light/medium and tan/dark. This makes it really easy to choose what color is the right one for you. I got the light/medium color and the minute you put this on your eyes you see how it brightens your eyes immediately. It is used on your eyelids from your lash line to the browline and instantly you will see your eyes will be more open, brighter and it does actually give your eyes an instant lift. 

You can either use this alone or you can use under your eyeshadows. This product will make your eyeshadows stay on longer and not crease throughout the day. Since its a light color it will also give your eyeshadow a base where so that your eyeshadows look brighter. This product does wonders for those people that have uneven skin tone around the eye area. The brighter your eyes are the more awake you will look. This will help your appearance completely. This product is said to be a line filler which will make your eyes look younger and brighter and the appearance of your wrinkles will be less visible. This is long wearing and will definitely last through the day. I love using this product when I try to just go for a plain look, no makeup look and just have maybe a bold lip. When I do a bold lip I try to go with a plain eye but plain doesn't mean that I don't wear any makeup, I just tone it down. This product retails for $38 which is a hefty price for an eye primer but its definitely more than that. I do like this product but not sure if I would repurchase because it is one of those luxury products.

Do you use any luxury products that are like your guilty pleasures? Let me know and next time I decide to splurge maybe it will be on that!

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