Saturday, June 28, 2014


Nail care!! I've been trying to let my nails breathe for a while. I took the nail polish off
and also cut them down to really short lengths. I was finding that my nails were breaking and they were just a mess so instead of trying to fix them, I decided to just revamp them and cut them down to nothing and let them grow "from scratch". I noticed that I had really yellow nails. I know its probably because I color my nails all the time but honestly. I've been whitening my nails for a while now and haven't painted them in 2 whole weeks and they are still yellow. I am thinking that I still need some time to get them grow a bit more and let them breath a little more without nail polish but I figured I'd give it a try. I will update you a little more later on the update on my "no nail polish month". 

In trying to get my nails whiter, I was in +Urban Outfitters and I went straight to the beauty products section and I saw that they had the different sheet masks and one of the sheet masks I saw was for your nails. It is call The Face Shop Face it Nail Pack I automatically wanted it. It basically is a nail brightener for your nails. It has the whitening agents like lemon and baking soda and I was in love. I went home and wanted to try it since I'd been letting my nails breath for a while I figured I can go ahead and try it. I took a shower made sure my nails were clean and I went and applied the sheet masks glove thingies to my nails. Its just like a nail cover not a full on glove. It only covers your fingers and left it on for 30 minutes. I don't know if I saw permanent results after using this. I feel like, yes it did make my nails whiter when I was using it but in the morning they still had that yellow hue. I am starting to think that my nails naturally have a yellow hue. I am not sure if it is possible to get my nails white so if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear it from you. 

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