Thursday, June 26, 2014

TONYMOLY Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel

Hello hello! I've been on vacation for the last week and decided to take time off from
blogging. So I am back and better than ever. I've been able to collect more beauty products so I already have a lot of different topics to talk about. After a vacation, I like to get my skin back in check and make sure that everything look back to normal. I have a little bit more color so I have to make sure I'm using different skincare products that are not as harsh to my skin. One of the things that I've noticed is my blackheads. I've been wanting to see what Korean brands have to treat these. There was a new Urban Outfitters that opened up in Herald Square here in NYC. I resisted the urge to go the first 2 weeks of opening but definitely went there the third. I walked in and its a huge space and they have a whole separate beauty section in the back. Its got everything known to man. A great selection of International Beauty products. I fell in love with Tony Moly products a while back so I was excited to try this product. 

I decided to pick up the Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. This products is a wash off type of gel mask that will melt away the blackheads. Just as the name states, this product helps out in removing blackheads. Once you put this gel on your face it turns white because the micro beads and the gel mixes together and it emulsifies on your skin. It says that you should massage into your skin for 2-5 minutes. After using this for a couple of days now, you notice how the appearance of your blackheads actually disappear. Its a great product and I definitely recommend this product to everyone. It retails for $16 and its definitely worth it. You can buy in +Urban Outfitters in-store or online. 

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