Friday, June 27, 2014

Skinfood Rice Mask

As you know I live in the Beauty Section of Urban Outfitters now that its so close to the
office. I recently got a huge haul of sheet masks and just different little things. When I made my purchase the nice cashier gave me about 10 samples of this Skinfood Rice Mask. I feel in love with this brand a while back when I tried their snail sheet masks. The product description for this is that its a wash-off mask that transforms skin into a pure and soft texture. This contains rice bran water so I think this is what makes it work. The directions are to use after cleansing and gently massage with ample amount over dry face avoiding eyes and mouth area. It tells you to concentrate around nose area and repeat so that the little grains are scrubbing into your skin. It tells you to rinse with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes of scrubbing. The consistency of this product is really nice. It is somewhat light, watery but not runny. It stays on the skin really well and doesn't drip off if you keep it on which I love. It also feel cooling when you apply it on your skin. Not sure if it has something like menthol. It contains tiny particles which scrubs your skin and exfoliates. I have very oily skin as you know but I think this product is really good for people with dry skin as well. It leaves my skin really moisturizing and the scrub isn't so much but just enough to remove the dead skin cells. 

This mask is all good. I love it and would definitely recommend it. It does however, have a smell to it. It kind of smells like rice. I don't mind the smell but I've always seen different reviews and know that a lot of people hate things that smell. But all in all I love this mask and I've been using it ever since I got the samples for about once a week. My skin is always left soft and fresh and its a nice clean feeling. This mask retails for $18 and depending on how much you use it, it can last you at least 2 months. Its not that bad giving that this leaves your skin feeling amazing. You can buy this mask at +Urban Outfitters online or in-store. You can also get it Amazon or The Face Shop. 

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